Heat transfer on asymmetric thermal viscous dissipative Couette-Poiseuille flow of pseudo-plastic fluids

Sheela-Francisca J., Tso C.P., Hung Y.M., Rilling D., Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 169–170 (2012) 42–53, 2012

Semi-analytical solutions are derived to investigate the effect of viscous dissipation on the temperature distribution and heat transfer characteristics of Couette–Poiseuille flow for pseudo-plastic fluids. The fluid flow is steady, laminar and both hydro-dynamically and thermally fully developed, while the thermal boundary conditions considered are both plates being kept at asymmetric heat fluxes. For Couette–Poiseuille flow for pseudo-plastic fluids, the temperature distribution and the Nusselt number obtained are greatly affected by constant heat flux ratio together with velocity of the moving plate, power-law index, modified Brinkman number and a dimensionless parameter which is the constant of integration in solving the momentum equation.

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