Numerical Computations of Factor Xa and Thrombin Productions Using a Finite-Volume Method

Chai, J.C., Tsai, T.M., Foo, J.J., and Chan, V. , International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 45(4), 785-792, 2002

The formations of Factor Xa and thrombin, two intermediate chemicals leading to the formation of blood clots in damaged blood vessels are predicted in this paper using a finite-volume method. The steady-state forms of the continuity, momentum and concentration equations are solved. The surface reactions are modeled using the classical Michaelis–Menten reaction kinetics. The results are compared with three sets of experimental data. These experiments were conducted using circular tubes and parallel flat plates. The present computational model is able to predict experimental results very well over a range of shear rates and inlet concentrations.

Journal (2002):