Study on the Analysis of Mat Foundation using Different Approach

Chowdhury, R.H., Raghunandan, M.E., and Muqtadir, A. (2012)., Proceedings of 2nd International Conference for Sustainable Design, Engineering and Construction, ASCE, Texas, USA, 465-472. (SCOPUS), 2012

Mat foundations, in general, are reinforced concrete slabs to support and transfer structural load to the underlying soil, and are well suited to reduce differential settlement. Finite element (FE) method is widely used in the analysis, however the approach to solve and analyze the problem is of prime importance considering the engineering significance and cost involved in the structure. The main objective of this study was to analyze an idealized mat foundation soil system with different approach, which include the Mat foundation analyzed as an inverted flat slab by flat plate analysis and finite element analysis. The moment in longitudinal and transverse direction was determined from the analysis performed for models with two different KS of 4250kN/m2/m and 7250kN/m2/m. The results from flat plate analysis were similar to FE analysis, where direct design method overestimate the moment but certainly gives a more safe design when compared with the FE methods.