Site specific ground response analysis: an example of test area in Mumbai

Raghunandan, M.E., and Juneja, A. (2010)., Proceedings of 6th International Congress on Environmental Geotechnics (6ICEG), New Delhi, India, Vol. 2, 1331-1336, 2010

The seismic zone map prepared by BIS at macro-levels does not account for the site specific hazards likely to be caused by the local geology and geotechnical properties of soils. Only recently, studies on ground response have been conducted using geotechnical and geophysical properties in some major urban areas of our country. This study aims to obtain laboratory data on dynamic shear moduli, damping ratios and pore pressure response under undrained cyclic loading using selected soil samples collected from pilot area in Mumbai. Some of the preliminary findings are presented in this paper. The results are presented in the form of design models which can reliably be used for vulnerability assessment and microzonation.