Post-cyclic shear strength of sands

Juneja, A., Raghunandan, M.E., and Chatterjee, D. (2011)., Proceedings of Indian Geotechnical Conference, Mumbai, India, 97-100, 2011

It is well known that the undrained cyclic loading results in build-up of strains that are manifested as excess pore pressures in the soils. This paper discusses the variation in strength of post-cyclic sand sample, and further analyzes the stress-strain response of these samples in undrained and drained monotonic triaxial loading estimated using Cam-clay model. The cyclic triaxial test setup at IITB is described first. Strain controlled cyclic triaxial tests were conducted on large 100mm diameter and 200mm cylindrical samples. The cyclic shear strains were varied in the tests. The post-cyclic strength of sand in drained and undrained conditions is then compared. This paper presents a framework which can reliably be used to predict the shear strength of sands up on dissipation of excess pore pressures generated by the cyclic loading.