Comparison of methods of sample preparation for triaxial tests on sands

Juneja, A., and Raghunandan, M.E. (2008)., Proceedings of Indian Geotechnical Conference, Bangalore, India, 14-17, 2008

This paper compares void ratio obtained using dry and moist tamping, and dry and wet pluviation which are normally used methods for preparing reconstituted sand samples in the laboratory. Number of layers and height of fall of tamper was studied in tamping. Distance through which sand particles fall and mass-flow during sand raining, are the two parameters which were investigated in pluviation. Frictional drag when sand is rained through the air was not taken into account in these tests. The results seem to suggest that up to a limiting mass-flow, funnel opening has greater influence on the void ratio than the height through which the sand is rained.