Development of Multifunctional Nanomaterials by Cavitation, in Cavitation: A Novel Energy Efficient Technique for the generation of Nanomaterials

Manickam Sivakumar, Siah Ying Tang, Muthupandian Ashokkumar , Pan Stanford Publishing Pte Ltd, Chapter 1, ISBN 9789814411547, 2014

Synthesis of advanced nanomaterials using acoustic cavitation, often referred to as sonochemical route, has received considerable interest in the past few decades. In this chapter, a brief description of the preparation of some of the newly emerging nanomaterials has been presented. The sonochemical route is by far the most reliable and efficient preparative technique, primarily owing to its ability to concentrate the acoustic energy in a smaller volume. The implosion of  cavitation  microbubbles  results  in  the  formation  of  millions  of  short-lived, localized hot spots that have an extreme temperature of thousands of Kelvin and pressures of few thousands of atmospheres. Consequently, the fabrication of an array of nanostructured materials that differ distinctly from their bulk counterparts has been promising with this powerful cavitation approach. There are also other forms of nanomaterials such as nanowires and nanospheres that have been successfully prepared by this sonochemical approach. A  proper  selection  of  ultrasonic  irradiation  parameters  influences the  satisfactory  formation  of  nanomaterials.  In  short,  this  chapter will  therefore  be  confined  to  discussing  the  recent  developments of  the  ultrasound-mediated  synthesis  of  various  multifunctional nanomaterials and the involved preparative strategies.

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