Extraction of phytochemicals using hydrotropic solvents

Nagarajan, J., Heng, W.W., Galanakis, C.M., Ramanan, R.N., Raghunandan, M.E., Sun, J., Ismail, A., Tey, B.T., Nagendra Prasad, K. (2016). , Separation Science and Technology, 51(7), 1151-1165. doi: 10.1080/01496395.2016.1143842 (ISI: Q3; Impact factor: 1.106, 2016), 2016

Every plant synthesizes phytochemicals with different properties to supply a pool of molecules for food, chemical and pharmaceutical applications. Concurrent with “green technology” development, use of green solvents to extract phytochemicals instead of conventional non-eco-friendly solvents is crucial. Hydrotrope is a one of the green solvents that enhances solubility of poorly water-soluble or hydrophobic compounds in aqueous solutions. This article critically reviews the extraction of phytochemicals using various hydrotropic solvents. Hydrotropy mechanisms, factors influencing extraction and recovery methods of phytochemicals were also evaluated in this review.

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