Environment and Green Technology

The Malaysian Government has established the National Green Energy Centre which is tasked with formulating the nation’s green technology development action plan. In line with this, Monash University Sunway Campus has established a Green Representative Network which coordinates with the Office of Environmental Sustainability at Monash University Australia to promote change within the University and encourage staff to play their part in environmental sustainability. The establishment of the Environment and Green Technology (EGT) research strength within the Campus is in line with the visions of both the Malaysian Government and Monash University. It will be strategically aligned to propel Monash University Sunway Campus towards achieving these aims.

Members of the EGT come from various disciplines within the campus. EGT is aimed to generate “green” researchers via

Mission Statement

The Enviroment and Green Technology research strength has a vision to establish a center of excellence at Monash University Sunway Campus to develop Green Technology for the benefit of mankind with a positive impact on the Environment.

Key Research Area

Staff Members

Research Students

Research Projects

  • Solar Energy
  • Heat Pumps
  • Heat Pipes
  • Thermoelectric 
  • Drying
  • Vermicomposting municipal solid waste and potential supply of nutrient for plant growth
  • Nanofluids
  • Impacts of degradation of regional peat forests and implications for carbon sequestration
  • Bioactivity of peat swamp plants
  • Pollution effects on stream ecosystem function
  • Altitudinal impacts on stream ecosystems and implications for climate change
  • Extraction of bioactive compounds from plants and ornamental herbs in Malaysia
  • Tire noise cancellation using novel fuzzified noise cancellation technique
  • Design and development of noise cancellation test rig
  • Fabrication of chemical sensor using single−walled and multiple−walled carbon nanotubes
  • Design and design methodology for innovative eco-efficient products
  • Waste water treatment
  • Biofuels
  • Green Chemistry

  • Research Grants

  • Y. M. Hung, Experimental Analysis and Numerical Modeling of Tidal Stream Turbine, eScience Fund, RM 163,000 (2010). Joint project with MMU, USM and NTU.
  • K. S. Ong, Heat pipe heat exchangers for heat recovery from waste heat, thermoelectric heating and solar energy, External Research Grant from ThermoHygro Sdn. Bhd., RM 30,000.00. (2010).
  • Anthony Guo & Edwin Sim, Tire noise cancellation using novel fuzzified noise cancellation technique, Monash University Major Grant, RM 150,000.00. (2010)
  • C. M. Yule, The Ecological Functioning of Malaysian Peat Swamp Forests and the impacts of Drainage, Logging and Fire. RM 241,000. (2008).
  • Dr. Y. M. Hung, An investigation of viscous dissipation effects in convective heat transfer of nanofluids, FRGS, RM 80,000 (2011).
  • Dr. K. L. Goh, Mechanical cooperativity of tenascin glycoprotein and fibril-associated collagen IV regulating force transmission in intra-muscular extracellular matrix, FRGS, RM 84,000 (2011).
  • Mr. Edwin Sim, Effects of noise generation, noise vibration and model size reduction on TRSC in exploitation on solving vehicle noise problems, FRGS, RM 10,000 (2011).
  • Prof. Anthony Guo, An investigaation on the formation of intermetallic compound at copper aluminium interface and bonding process modeling in copper wire bonding, FRGS, RM 54,000 (2011).
  • Dr. Y. M. Hung, Entropy generation in micro-channel heat sinks, MUSC Minor Research Grant, RM 30,000 (2011).
  • Dr. K. L. Goh, Strain rate analysis of the differential hierachial collageneous structures in intre-muscular connective tissues, MUSC Minor Research Grant, RM 29,000 (2011).
  • Dr. Shek Mohamed, Study of vortex tube assisted atmospheric freeze drying system, MUSC Minor Research Grant, RM 30,000 (2011).

  • Research Collaborations

  • Mr. Tee Tone Vei (ThermoHygro Sdn. Bhd.)
  • Mr Chin Wai Meng (OYL R&D, Malaysia)
  • Mr Julian Jensen (CSR Building Materials, Malaysia)
  • Ms Grace Liew (Favelle Favco Cranes Berhad, Malaysia
  • Ir Andrew Yang (Muhibbah Engineering, Malaysia)
  • Mr William Wong (Fire Fighter Industry Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia)
  • Mr Sharizal Hamid (Asian Composites Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia)
  • Dr Yong−Wee Ooi (Genesis Oil & Gas Consultants Pty Ltd, Australia)
  • Dr. Mohd Shiraz (UTP, Malaysia)
  • Prof. Kamaruzzaman Sopian (UKM, Malaysia)
  • Mr. Baljit Singh (UiTM, Malaysia)
  • Prof. Kerry Hourigan (MUA, Australia)
  • Prof. Mark Thompson (MUA, Australai)
  • Prof. Mujumdar (NUS, Singapore)
  • Prof. Howlader (NUS, Singapore)
  • A/Prof. Wing Kong Chiu (MUA, Australia)
  • Prof. Tso Chih Ping (NTU, Singapore)
  • Dr. Tio Kek Kiong (MMU, Malaysia)
  • Dr. Than Cheok Fah (UTAR, Malaysia)
  • Prof. Kamaruzaman Sopian (UKM, Malaysia).

  • Seminars

    Selected Publications