Engineering HDR Seminar Series 7, 2011: Towards A Green Optical Internet

Mr Madushanka Nishan Dharmaweera, PSCT postgraduate student

Date: 2011-05-13
Time: 10:00 to 11:00
Venue: Meeting Room 1, 5-4-22, School of Engineering


The increase in need for a high capacity internet has become the driving force behind recent developments in optical transmission and networking technologies. It is believed that the growth of the Internet will one day be constrained by its power consumption figures. Optical networks have the capacity to accommodate the exponential traffic growth in the Internet with low capital expenditure cost. In order to lower the operational expenditure cost of the optical networks, power consumption of various equipment need to be kept to a bare minimum. The main objective of our work is to analyze the energy consumption of the optical backbone network and identify novel techniques to minimize the consumption. The study is also aimed at addressing technologies that incorporate both optical and electronic technologies (e.g. OCS/OBS/OPS) and attempt to investigate different traffic engineering approaches. Furthermore, reduction in power consumption at both the component level and transport network level will also be explored.

About the Speaker

Mr Nishan Dharmaweera is a postgraduate student of the School of Engineering. He is currently pursuing his Masters under the supervision of Dr. Rajendran Parthiban and belongs to the Photonics Semiconductor Communication Technologies research strength.  His research deals with power consumption issues related to core optical networks. The final objective of his research would be to develop new algorithms and frameworks that successfully minimize the energy consumption of the core networks. This seminar is arranged as part of the fulfillment of the Faculty’s requirements for candidature conversion from Masters to PhD.