Engineering Research Seminar Series 24, 25_2011: (i) Overview of Mathematica (ii) Application of Mathematica in Engineering

(i) Ms Beccy Remenji, senior member staff from Wolfram Research (ii) Dr Paritosh Mokhasi, certified instructor from Wolfram Education Group

Date: 2011-07-26
Time: 15:00 to 16:30
Venue: Lecture Theatre 6-0-02, Building 6, Basement


(i)       This seminar gives an introduction and overview of Mathematica for education and academic research. It covers details such as the editing of text, generating quizzes, and making presentations using Mathematica. Creating models in Mathematica to investigate classroom concepts are discussed. The ways to access ready-to-use teaching models in math, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, engineering, music, and other subjects are examined. Utilizing visualization tools and annotated graphics are demonstrated. Experiencing Mathematica's integrated data sources for chemicals, particles, cities and countries, financial instruments, astronomical objects, etc. will be illustrated. Applying and integrating data sources across disciplines and school departments will be shown. The use of Mathematica's built-in documentation and the numerous resources available to teachers and researchers will be explored.

(ii)      This seminar will focus on the various ways Mathematica is used to analyze problems in diverse fields of engineering. The seminar will provide a glimpse of the breadth of capabilities that Mathematica offers in engineering applications, especially cross-disciplinary collaboration. Topics related to Aerospace, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering will be the focus of the talk and innovative applications in each of these areas will be illustrated. Methods for data analysis and image processing will also be discussed. A brief discussion on the innovative ways used to represent results using dynamic interactivity will also be given, with emphasis on constructing material for research and teaching. The Mathematica programming paradigm and its flexible format that assists in rapid prototyping of problems will also be discussed.

About the Speaker

(i)       Beccy Remenji is a senior member of the International Business Development staff at Wolfram Research. She works with users in academia, industry, and governments worldwide, developing awareness and providing training on Wolfram technologies. She is actively involved in the development of resources for educators, and works closely with the Wolfram Education Group, hosting seminars and encouraging the integration of technology into curricula and research. She is a graduate of Millikin University.

(ii)    Paritosh Mokhasi received his BE in Mechanical Engineering from S.D.M. College of Engineering and Technology, Karnataka and his MS  and PhD from Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago. His expertise is in the field of fluid mechanics with focus on computational methods and dynamical systems. He has taught various undergraduate courses at IIT, Chicago. At Wolfram Research, he is part of the educational group and is a certified Wolfram Education Group (WEG) instructor and works closely with Mathematica users in resolving technical issues that the users face. He is also currently working on developing various numerical functionalities in Mathematica.