Engineering Research Seminar Series 42, 2011: Dynamical Systems Framework for Service Robot Navigation using Bond Graphs

Mr Veera Ragavan, School of Engineering, Monash University Sunway Campus

Date: 2011-11-11
Time: 10:00 to 11:00
Venue: Tutorial Room 6-4-01


Dynamical Systems Approach to a Wheeled Mobile Robot (WMR) Locomotion problem using Bond Graph models will be discussed. Bond Graph model of a WMR and its subsystems have been developed and the model and subsystems are validated using 20-Sim Simulation environment. The developed model provides a stable and computationally less intensive framework that can be deployed on resource constrained embedded devices for path planning, navigation and formation modeling.

About the Speaker

Veera Ragavan is a Sr Lecturer at the School of Engineering, Monash University Sunway campus. He has about 17 years of diverse Industrial experience in developing Factory Automation systems. Domain and specialization include Software development, Technical Management, Project Management, Design and Development of Embedded Systems, Consumer electronics , Information Technology applications for Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Automation systems for Factories and Industrial Process Control.