Engineering HDR Seminar Series 1, 2012: Terrain Based Mobile Robot Navigation for Floor and Vertical Wall

Mr Loh Jon Liang, RAM postgraduate student

Date: 2012-02-13
Time: 11:00 to 12:00
Venue: Engineering meeting room 1, 5-4-22


Wall-climbing robots and robots capable of floor-to-wall transfer have long been the subject of much research, however most efforts taken in this domain pertain to wall adhesion technology. With the maturing of the field, researchers have begun looking at other aspects of this problem, namely the application of robot navigation techniques to these robots for autonomous operation. For effective navigation, a robot capable of this added mobility is required to perceive and map the environment in 3D, determine traversable vertical surfaces, localise itself, and plan paths across multiple connected planar surfaces. Preliminary work in this area involved the development of an embedded reactive behaviour-based fuzzy controller for 2D planar motion, with emphasis on reducing rule base complexity and increasing performance. The proposed research will involve the design of a multi-plane path planner, 3D plane feature extraction from cloud point data and simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM).

About the Speaker

Loh Jon Liang graduated with a Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering (with Honours) from Monash University Clayton in 2009. He is currently a Master of Engineering Science (Research) candidate in Monash University Sunway Campus. His research focus is on the application of autonomous mobile robot navigation techniques on mobile robots that are able to perform orthogonal floor-to-wall plane transfers, with particular emphasis on path planning, localisation and mapping.