Engineering HDR Seminar Series 3, 2012: Energy Harvesting using Aeroelastic Galloping

Mr Jayatunga Hewawasam Gamage Kasun Gayantha, EGT postgraduate student

Date: 2012-03-21
Time: 14:00 to 15:00
Venue: Engineering meeting Room 1, 5-4-22


Studies on flow induced vibration over the past century mainly focused on their adverse effects on engineering structures. Lately the researchers have started focusing on harvesting energy from this flow induced forces to generate green and renewable energy. Two mechanisms have been proposed, namely vortex induced vibrations and aero elastic galloping. This research is focused on energy harvesting using aeroelastic galloping. The research would also focus on optimising the aerodynamic shape and tuning the mechanical properties for efficient energy harvesting and understand the factors that control and limit the efficiency of the system.

About the Speaker

Jayatunga graduated as Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering with honours) from Monash University Sunway Campus in 2011. He joined Monash University in 2011 for postgraduate studies under the supervision of Dr Kenny Tan, Dr Hung Yew Mun and Dr Justin Leontini. His research focus is on energy harvesting using flow induced vibrations mainly aeroelastic galloping. The present study focuses on identifying the physics underpinning the influence of structural and flow parameters which lead to efficient energy harvesting from aeroelastic galloping.