Engineering Research Seminar Series 5, 2012: Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Treatment - an Expert PERSPECTIVE

Prof. Agamuthu, Senior Professor from University of Malaya

Date: 2012-04-03
Time: 10:00 to 11:00
Venue: Plenary theatre 2-01-01


Municipal solid waste collected in Malaysia is increasing every year and presently large portion of the waste is disposed by land filling method. The National strategic plan for solid waste management has estimated the cost of treating per tonne of the solid waste to be doubled in next few years. The scope of the talk is about the environmental impact assessment and management systems carried out for Municipal Solid Waste and a case study of life cycle analysis in waste management.

About the Speaker

Prof. Agamuthu is a Senior Professor at the University of Malaya (UM) and is the President of the Malaysian Society of Waste Management and Environment. He is also the Vice-President/International Advisory Board Member – Society of Solid Waste Management Experts in Asia and Pacific Islands (SWAPI) and an honorary member of the International Solid Waste Management Association (ISWA). He is the Head of the Center for Waste Management Research, UM. He has also carried out more than 50 consultancy/advisory projects during his career.

Prof. Agamuthu has authored more than 350 scientific publications and several books on Solid Waste. He is holding editorial position in few international journals. His research interests focus on landfill gas studies and bio-covers, waste characterization, municipal waste management, solidification/stabilization of hazardous wastes, biological treatment of waste, waste minimization and cleaner production, leachate studies and use for agro-irrigation, landfill remediation by chemical and biological methods, water and wastewater treatment, plastic biodegradation studies, Environmental Management Systems, Environmental Impact Assessment and waste management, Life Cycle Analysis in waste management, and value-addition of agricultural and industrial wastes for enzyme production, value-addition of agricultural wastes, material flow analysis (MFA), and bioremediation.