Engineering HDR Seminar Series 4, 2012: Virtual Interface Technology Adaptation Lab (VITAL)

Ms Widhanalage Ramesha Indeewarie Soysa, PSCT postgraduate student

Date: 2012-04-12
Time: 11:00 to 12:00
Venue: Engineering meeting Room 5-4-22


Virtual Interface Technology Adaptation Lab (VITAL) is a real time system interfaced with virtual technology tools in order to interact with real world problems. Virtual technology consists of Virtual Instrumentation (VI) of and Virtual Reality (VR) tools. The purpose of VITAL is to provide necessary system architecture that enables users to build application programming interfaces to VITAL depending on their application domains. In this project, we develop VITAL with the above focus and integrate that in to engineering units to enhance student learning.

About the Speaker

Ramesha Soysa graduated with a Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering (with Honours) from Monash University Malaysia in 2010. She is currently a Master of Engineering Science (Research) candidate at Monash University under the supervision of Dr Rajendran Parthiban, Mr Khoo Boon How and Dr Arosha Senanayake. Her research focuses on designing system architecture (VITAL) that integrates virtual technologies and interactive hardware to provide a platform where virtual laboratory applications can be built on. The research also investigates the contribution of virtual laboratories built on VITAL architecture in enhancing student learning.