Engineering Seminar Series 6, 2012: Periodic Piecewise Linear Excitement for ADC Testing

Dr Kuang Ye Chow, Senior Lecturer from School of Engineering

Date: 2012-04-09
Time: 11:00 to 12:00
Venue: Classroom 9-3-04


Piecewise linear waveforms have the advantage of being accurate and easy to generate while employing relatively simple circuitry. This make it attractive to consider piecewise linear functions as test signals for high performance ADC testing. In this paper a new set of periodic piecewise linear basis functions are presented and evaluated to assess the convergence quality, jitter detection, incoherent sampling response, spectral analysis, and phase shift sensitivity.

About the Speaker

Y.C. Kuang received his (with first-class honors) in electromechanical engineering and Ph.D. degree in the study and modeling of noninvasive diagnostic techniques on distribution transformers from the University of Southampton, Southampton, U.K., in 2000 and 2004 respectively. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in Monash University, Sunway Campus, Malaysia. His research interests are machine intelligence, signal processing algorithm development and statistical modeling.