Engineering HDR Seminar Series 12, 2012: Marangoni Convection and Evaporation in Liquid Films

Ms Lim Elaine, EGT postgraduate student

Date: 2012-07-17
Time: 11:00 to 12:00
Venue: Engineering meeting room 1, 5-4-22


Marangoni effect in interface-driven flows presents very interesting and challenging fluid dynamic problems. It is defined as heat and mass transfer along the interface due to surface tension gradient and this can be induced by either temperature gradient or concentration gradient. A phenomenon named "Tears of Wine" is well explained by the theory. In this project, the shape of the interface and evaporation of thin film in micro-scale systems will be investigated with the effect of temperature gradient. The effect of Marangoni shear stresses at the liquid-vapor interface due to concentration gradient with the presence of surfactants will also be examined. In addition, the research work will be extended to the investigation of Non-Newtonian fluid as a working fluid, incorporating the Marangoni effect. Preliminary results show that the Marangoni effect is significant albeit not dominant in evaporating thin film region and this justifies the essential role of Marangoni effect in enhancing the heat transfer rate of evaporating thin film region.

About the Speaker

Lim Elaine received her BEng (First Class Hons) degree in Mechanical Engineering from Multimedia University in 2011. The same year she joined Monash University for postgraduate studies under the supervision of Dr. Hung Yew Mun and Dr. Kenny Tan Boon Thong. Her research aims to develop theoretical models, starting from physical law to study the Marangoni effect on the fluid mechanics and thermal characterstics of evaporating thin meniscus.