Engineering HDR Seminar Series 15, 2012: Efficient Approaches for Robotic Assembly Line Balancing Problems

Mr Mukund Nilakantan Janardhanan, RAM postgraduate student

Date: 2012-09-07
Time: 14:45 to 15:45
Venue: Engineering meeting room 1, 5-4-22


In this modern world of technology, robots are extensively used in an assembly line. Different robots may be allocated to the assembly tasks, and each robot requires different assembly times to perform a given task, because of its capabilities and specialisation in robotic assembly line sytems. Use of robots helps us to improve the productivity of the assembly line and increases the quality of the product. Robots are to be assigned in a balanced manner to perform to perform activities optimally. The main objective of this work is to develop efficient algorithms for rALB problems and to test the performance of the proposed methods on rALB benchmark problems. Further research plans includes developing evolutionary algorithms for rALB problems with straight lines and U-shaped assemble lines and also develop Multi-Objective cost based model for robotic assembly line balancing problems.

About the Speaker

Mukund Nilakantan Janardhanan graduated from VIT University , India with a Bachelors of Engineering Degree in Mechanical discipline in year 2010. He joined Monash University for postgraduate studies in year 2011 under the supervision of Prof. S.G. Ponnambalam. Prior to his postgraduate studies, he worked as a Design Engineer in Wipro Technology Services Limited Bangalore, India for one year. His research in Monash University is focussed on Robotic Assembly Line Balancing (rALB) problems. The present study aims to develop efficient approaches for robotic assembly line balancing problems.