Engineering HDR Seminar Series 18, 2012: Development of Sliding Mode Functional Observer Schemes

Ms Kee Chew Yee, RAM postgraduate student

Date: 2012-09-26
Time: 14:00 to 15:00
Venue: Engineering meeting room 1, 5-4-22



Most engineering system we encounter in practice does not allow us to measure the internal states directly. However, these internal sates are often needed for the design of state feedback controller or state monitoring purposes. Installation of multiple sensors to collect the required information may not be economically and physically feasible, as additional hardware components such as sensors and its associated cabling/wiring might increase the overall cost. Also, some signals are impractical to measure. Therefore, a state observer can be used to estimate the system internal state base on the measurable input and output of the real system. In many situations, only a function of the states needs to be estimated. Linear functional observers are used to estimate a linear function of the state without estimating the entire state. The research in this work seeks to implement sliding mode concepts to a functional observer as sliding mode observers have been known to perform better than linear observers. In this presentation, the progress of this research project over the past year as well as the anticipated future work will be presented.

About the Speaker

Ms Kee Chew Yee is a postgraduate student in the School of Engineering. She is currently pursuing her PhD study on “Sliding Mode Functional Observers” under the supervision of Dr Edwin Tan Chee Pin, Dr. Mark Ng Kok Yew and A/Prof. Hieu Trinh (external supervisor, Deakin University, Australia). This seminar is arranged as part of the candidate's PhD Mid Candidature Review.