Engineering Research Seminar Series 24, 2012: Thermoelectric Power Generation and Heat Pump

Dr Liben Jiang; A/Prof Ong Kok Seng; Ms. How Meng Git

Date: 2012-10-16
Time: 08:30 to 13:00
Venue: Lecture Theatre 6-0-09


Paper 1: Key Factors to Increase TEHP Performance and Some Applications (speaker: Dr Liben Jiang)

Paper 2 : Potential Applications of TE Devices under the Malaysian Climate (speaker: Dr Liben Jiang)

This presentation will focus on the thermoelectric (TE) device and its application for heat pumping. General background will be provided together with key features and common application followed by a theoretical analysis based on the energy balance equations, highlighting the heating/cooling load and maximum COPs. Key factors to affect the thermoelectric heat pump (TEHP) systems will be highlighted, viz., input current, cooling load, temperatures and thermal resistances on hot and cold sides of TE devices, etc.  Some examples will be used to assist to present the ideas. Finally, some typical applications will be presented, covering a simple unit, a solar powered TE system, and an integrated system to utilize the advantages of TE devices.


Paper 3: Thermoelectric R&D (speaker: A/Prof Ong Kok Seng)

Dr. Ong will discuss on the current state of Thermoelectric R & D in MUSC.


Paper 4: Simultaneous TE Heating and Cooling (speaker: Ms How Ming Git)

The presentation will show the experimental study of a thermoelectric system which aims to exploit the cooling and heating effects of thermoelectric simultaneously. The objective of the system is to produce hot and cold water of suitable temperatures for household purposes such as shower and air conditioning. The research methodology and the experimental results will be presented. The experimental setup comprises of an array of thermoelectric modules connected in series with water channels interfaced to the hot and cold sides of the modules. Further discussion will be presented on the supplementary characterization of thermoelectric modules to determine the effective Seebeck coefficient, thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity. Finally, concluding remarks will be given on improvement areas for future work.

About the Speaker

Dr Liben Jiang is a Lecturer in the School of Built and Natural Environment, University of Central Lancashire, UK. He is an Associate of the Higher Education Academy, UK and has research interests and numerous publications in the fields of renewable energy technologies (solar thermal and solar PV), thermoelectric heating/cooling systems, heating/cooling/power tri-generation systems, heat recovery systems, heat pump systems and heat pipes.

A/Prof Ong Kok Seng is attached to the Mechanical Engineering department at Monash University Sunway Campus. as an Associate Professor. Dr Ong holds membership with Fellow of Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (FIEM) and Fellow of Institution of Mechanical Engineers, UK. (FIMechE) and he is registered as a professional engineer with Registered Professional Engineer Malaysia (PEng) and Chartered Engineer UK (CEng). His research interests are on solar energy, heat pumps, heat pipes, drying, air conditioning and refrigeration and thermoelectric.

Ms. How Meng Git is a Lecturer at Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia. She is currently pursuing her PhD degree on Simultaneous heating and cooling with Thermoelectric.