Engineering Seminar Series 30, 2013: Membrane Technology in Glycerin Purification

Mr Mah Shee Keat, Chem Eng postgraduate student

Date: 2013-06-18
Time: 11:00 to 12:00
Venue: Engineering Meeting Room 2, 5-4-03


Purification of glycerin rich solution is common within the oleochemical industry and nowadays biodiesel plant. Water, fatty acid and palm oil are the main impurities in glycerin rich effluent, which is generally encountered in the sweet water from the hydrolysis plants. Membrane filtration technology provides an alternative solution to the traditional glycerin purification processes which consume great amount of chemicals and energy. The aims of this study are to provide a fundamental understanding on ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reserve osmosis and pervaporation filtration processes as well as its implementation in order to purify and upgrade crude glycerin rich solutions into pure grade glycerin. 

About the Speaker

Mr Mah Shee Keat is a postgraduate student in the School of Engineering who commenced his PhD candidature since October, 2009. He is currently pursuing his PhD degree in the field of Membrane Technology in Glycerin Purification under the supervision of Dr Chai Siang Piao and Dr Wu Ta Yeong. This seminar is arranged as part of the fulfillment of Faculty’s requirements for PhD thesis submission.