Engineering Research Seminar Series 5, 2013: Novel Adaptive Algorithms for Control and Estimation

Dr Guido Herrmann, Reader, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bristol, United Kingdom

Date: 2013-08-29
Time: 10:00 to 11:00
Venue: Classroom 9-3-06


This talk will introduce the theory and practice of novel adaptive algorithms. Applications will demonstrate the use of these algorithms for automotive, robotic and distributed control systems. In the first part, a novel robust adaptive law is introduced. The estimation algorithm exploits all known terms in the system without measuring acceleration in inertial systems. The proposed novel adaptive algorithm has been successfully incorporated in an adaptive observer for a small vehicle, specifically, to estimate road gradient and vehicle’s mass. The algorithm has also been used in an adaptive controller scheme for large scale MIMO systems, e.g. the humanoid arm (BERT II) at the Bristol Robotics Lab BRL and the case of distributed control, in particular, the application of consensus synchronisation in a multi-agent network. In the second part, other examples of novel adaptive algorithms are given, for instance, an adaptive optimal controller which does not require knowledge of the controlled system dynamics. A novel model-free Q-learning based discrete adaptive optimal controller for a humanoid robotic arm is presented.

About the Speaker

Dr Guido Herrmann received the German degree “Diplom-Ingenieur der Elektrotechnik” (with highest honours) from the Technische Universität zu Berlin, Germany, and the Ph.D. degree from the University of Leicester, UK, in 1997 and 2001, respectively. From 2001 to 2003, he was a Senior Research Fellow at the Data Storage Institute in Singapore. From 2003 until 2005, he was a Research Associate, Fellow, and Lecturer at the University of Leicester. He joined the University of Bristol, Bristol, UK, as a Lecturer in March 2007, and was a Senior Lecturer from August 2009 until August 2012. In August 2012, he was promoted to the position of a Reader in Control and Dynamics (Associate Professor). He was at several occasions invited to visit Universities and research institutes in the USA, China, Malaysia and Singapore to work with academics such as Professors Frank L Lewis, Sam S Ge, Xuemei Ren (Beijing Institute of Technology, BIT), Zhengjie Wang (BIT) and Ningjun Fan (BIT). His research considers the development and application of novel, robust and nonlinear control systems. He published more than 120 papers. He is editor of one book and author of one book on “Optimal and Robust Scheduling for Networked Control Systems” by Stefano Longo (University of Cranfield), Tingli Su (BIT), Guido Herrmann and Phil Barber (Jaguar and LandRover) (Mar 20, 2013). He was main advisor of four Doctorate Degree holders and co-advisor of another four Doctorate Degree holders. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE, a Technical Editor of the IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics and an Associate Editor of the International Journal on Social Robotics. He is leading the Nonlinear Robotics Control Group (NRCG) at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory.