ENGINEERING HDR SEMINAR SERIES (45/2013) : Numerical study of the propagation of guided waves in pipes with bends

Mr Tan Jin Jack, postgraduate student from School of Engineering, Monash University Sunway Campus

Date: 2013-09-25
Time: 15:15 to 16:15
Venue: Engineering Meeting Room 1, 5-4-22


Guided ultrasonic wave, or simply guided wave, is an attractive non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection technique as it offers rapid pipe inspection over a long range. However, guided wave is a complex subject and requires a thorough understanding for its operations and applications. The lack of understanding has prevented the use of guided wave under complicated operating conditions like pipes with bends. The objectives of the project are to improve the understanding of guided wave propagation in pipes with bends as well as to address the shortcomings of the guided wave technology on pipes with bends by suggesting probable improvements to realise the use of guided wave on them. Current work studies two existing experimental findings numerically and will investigate advanced cases to further improve the understanding on the propagation behaviour of guided waves. Future research on guided wave in pipes with bends is also planned where the propagation behaviour of guided wave in pipes with bends and with defects will be simulated.

About the Speaker

Jin Jack graduated with a First Class Honour in Master's of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from University of Nottingham Malaysia. He is currently a PhD candidate at Monash University under the supervision of Prof. Anthony and Dr Wang Xin. He has a very keen interest in solving engineering problems via numerical methods like finite element analysis.