Seminar Series 14/2009: (i) Basic Air-Conditioning Systems & Applications (ii) Water-source heat pumps & Mini chillers

Mr. Chin Wai Meng (Affiliation: OYL R&D Center Sdn Bhd.) & Mr. Tay Lee Weh (Affiliation: ACSON (Malaysia) Sales & Service Sdn Bhd.)

Date: 2009-09-17
Time: 09:00 to 11:00
Venue: 9305, Building 9, Level 3


The 1st topic of the presentation will describe some typical air-conditioning systems which are used for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The advantages and disadvantages of each system will be discussed. Whereas, the 2nd topic will cover two specific types of air-conditioning systems, i.e. water-source heat pumps and mini air-cooled chillers. The operation cycle and the example of the applications of these systems will be discussed.

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