Seminar Series 15/2009: A General Telematics Framework for Navigation of Service Robots

Mr Veera Ragavan

Date: 2009-10-12
Time: 15:00 to 16:00
Venue: 9-3-06


The recent advances in key Technology necessitates a paradigm shift in approaches to building applications for Service Robots. Development of a General Telematics Framework for a Robust Conflict-free Robot Navigation System has been proposed. The Framework is expected to provide a basis for research and development of complete systems and solutions specifically targeted for Service Robot applications. Major problems for robotics today lie, not in the hardware but on the software side. SOA which is an IT approach or concept for making systems robust against change is being proposed for building a Telematics Framework for Service Robots. It has been established that Middleware can be used reliably to integrate disparate systems and processes to aid the smooth evolution of Complex Dynamical Systems such as Service Robots. By concentrating on Algorithms in three primary areas closely related, but diverse as services, the core of Robot Navigation Problems will be addressed on which the framework will leveraged upon. Build an evolutionary Hybrid algorithm for dynamic Route guidance that lends itself to SOA is being proposed. Architecture proposing how these Services can be successfully implemented OTA ("Over The Air") in a Telematics Framework using distributed networked software infrastructure such as Middleware, Web ware and Hardware will be discussed.

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