Seminar Series No. 4: Biomimetic Robots

Dr Ng Geok See

Date: 2008-05-09
Time: 14:00 to 15:00
Venue: Tutorial room 9305, Monash University


Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates explains that improving technology and falling costs will bring about a proliferation of robots in the next few years, although no one is really sure what the world will look like after these developments. So far, the robotics industry is driven by large corporations or universities specializing in novel toys, gadgets, and other niche items. Although the timeframe for the global impact of robotics is unknown, there is little doubt of the ability of robotics to change the world. With the today?s technology, the components needed to bring robotics into the mainstream are being made more effective and are being produced at lower prices than ever; a few examples are computational intelligence (i.e. voice and visual recognition), artificial muscles, distributed computing, and wireless broadband connectivity. In the past, engineering realistic robots was hampered by physical and technological constraints. In this seminar, I will look into what are the possibilities and capabilities based on the current availabilities for such future robots.

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