Engineering Seminar Series 19/3_2010: Novel Directions in Optical Amplifier Research

Ms. Vineetha Kalavally

Date: 2010-10-20
Time: 14:30 to 14:45
Venue: 9-3-05


Raman amplifiers provide a simple and yet powerful platform for optical amplification needs in modern optical communication networks. This talk reviews recent progress in Raman amplifier research and highlights some non-conventional future of the field. Although the low-noise and wavelength-independent gain properties of Raman amplifiers have been long exploited in optical communication networks, researchers strive to tap into the huge potential of non-linear optics to improve reach and performance. Alternative approaches used to enhance the quality of Raman amplified networks such as the use of novel pumping schemes that can ensure uniformity in gain and noise performance are discussed.

About the Speaker

Vineetha Kalavally received the Bachelor of Technology (Electrical & Electronics) from the Regional Engineering College, Calicut, India and M.Sc. (Radio communications and high frequency engineering) from the University of Leeds. At present, she serves as a lecturer in the Department of Electrical and Computer Systems at Monash University, Sunway campus. She is a member of the IEEE Photonics Society, Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), UK and an associate member of Institute of Engineers (IEI), India. Her research interests include the numerical modeling, analysis and design of cost-effective broadband Raman amplifiers, hybrid amplification schemes and innovations in education.