Engineering Seminar Series 24/1_2010: Complex Networks

Prof. F. Borondo, Dep. de Quimica, and Instituto de Ciencias Matematicas Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain

Date: 2010-11-25
Time: 11:00 to 11:30
Venue: 9-5-04


Science in the 21st century will attack complex problems, such as those of interest in Biology and Social Sciences. In this context, the reductionist scheme used so far seems inadequate. In the last two decades a great development in the field of Complex Networks has taken place that can fulfill the gap. Complex Networks are seen as collections of many nodes connected by non-trivial interactions, and they can be applied in very many different situations: ecosystems, social ties, biochemical reactions in the cell, genomics, etc. The two main advances in the field due to Strogatz and Barabasi will be reviewed, and applications to different systems presented.

About the Speaker

Prof. F. Borondo is a Professor of Chemical Physics at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain. His research interests in Nonlinear and Complex Systems include chaos in highly excited vibrational motion of small polyatomic molecules and also their IR spectra, quantum manifestations of classical chaos, chaotic scattering in atom-surface scattering, Bohm-de Broglie formulation of Quantum Mechanics, complexity and complex networks. He collaborates with many international researchers and has published numerous papers in the field.