Engineering Research Seminar 8, 2011: On the Development of a Measurement Technique for the Drop Size Distribution of a Concentrated Liquid-Liquid System

Mr Jason Leong Yu Chuan, EGT postgraduate student

Date: 2011-03-29
Time: 12:00 to 13:00
Venue: Classroom 6-3-06


The production of biodiesel involves mixing organic oil (palm oil) and short chain alcohol (methanol) which are not miscible. The interfacial area between the two phases is believed to strongly affect the reaction rate and therefore, there is an interest in developing a suitable method to measure the methanol droplet size distribution in palm oil. Development of a suitable measurement technique would contribute to imaging measurement and analysis techniques. However, the desired concentration of methanol (20% volume fraction) as well as the inherent smooth interface in liquid-liquid systems presents a further challenge in the measurements. The measurement system consists of a modified borescope, stroboscope and a high speed digital camera. This presentation discusses about capturing the drop size distribution of the methanol-palm oil system with appropriate calibration and testing.

About the Speaker

Jason graduated from MUSC and is currently enrolled as a postgraduate student in the Mechanical Engineering Dept of Monash University pursuing PhD on “Two phase flow analysis”. His work has been published in the 21st Symposium of Malaysian Chemical Engineers and in 12th Asian Congress on Fluid Mechanics.