Dr. Amin Talei

PhD , Civil & Environmental Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 2013.
Master Degree, Civil Eng., Hydraulic Structures, University of Tehran, Iran, 2002.
BE, civil Engineering, Shiraz University, Iran, 1999.

Course Coordinator (Civil Engineering)

tel: +60 3 55145648
fax: +60 3 55146207
Room 5-4-62

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  • Andreas Aditya Hermawan, Jia Wei Chang, Pooria Pasbakhsh, Frank Hart, Amin Talei , " Halloysite nanotubes as a fine grained material for heavy metal ions removal in tropical biofiltration systems", Applied Clay Science. 160, pp. 106-115., 2018
  • Janet Yip Cheng Leong, Meng Nan Chong, Phaik Eong Poh, Andreas Hermawan, Amin Talei, "Longitudinal Assessment of Rainwater Quality under Tropical Climatic Conditions in Enabling Effective Rainwater Harvesting and Reuse Schemes", Journal of Cleaner Production. 143, pp. 64-75., 2017
  • Tak Kwin Chang, Amin Talei, Sina Alaghmand, Melanie Po-Leen Ooi , "Choice of Rainfall Inputs for Event-based Rainfall-Runoff Modeling in a Catchment with Multiple Rainfall Stations Using Data-driven Techniques", Journal of Hydrology. 545, pp. 100-108., 2017
  • Andreas Aditya Hermawan, Amin Talei, Ana Deletic, Babak Salamatinia, "Performance of biofiltration system in stormwater treatment under tropical conditions", Proceeding of 14th IWA/IAHR International Conference on Urban Drainage, 10-15 Sep 2017, Prague, Czech Republic. , 2017
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