Dr. Masud Bakaul

BIOGRAPHY: Dr. Masud Bakaul received the MS and PhD degrees, both in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, from the University of Melbourne, Australia, in 2003 and 2006, respectively. He is currently a Senior Lecturer of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering (ECSE) with Monash University, where he joined in 2014. Before Monash, he worked for the University of Melbourne as a Consultant Lecturer in 2013. From 2006 to 2012, he was a Research Engineer/Scientist with National ICT Australia Ltd (NICTA), a premier Australian R&D centre of excellence in ICT. Prior to resuming his PhD studentship in 2002, he worked in Telecommunications industry for 5 years.

His research interests include optical communication and networks, microwave photonics, silicon photonics, visible light communications (Li-Fi), millimetre-wave and THz communications, 5G wireless, Internet of things (IoT) enabling technologies and photonics for biomedical applications. To date, he has developed and worked in 8 research projects in these thematic areas from which he authored 90 technical articles. Most of his articles were published in tier one IEEE, OSA, and IET journals and conferences and have been cited by the peer researchers on a regular basis. He has contributed to 15 invited talks and his conference papers were the finalists in the best paper award competitions on several occasions. His article in IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology in 2010 has been regarded as a ‘highly cited paper’ in Engineering. He was a recipient of IEEE LEOS/Newport/Spectra-Physics Research Excellence Award in 2005. He has contributed significantly to the commercialisation of NICTA’s research in network performance monitoring that spun off a start-up company in 2008.

He serves in the editorial boards of several journals and reviews high-impact journals on a regular basis. He was TPC Co-Chair and Chair of optical communications tracks of ATNAC in 2010 and 2011 respectively. He is a Senior Fellow (adjunct) with the University of Melbourne since 2014 and was a Visiting Scholar of Massey University, NZ in 2015. He has supervised 4 PhD and one MS students to completion. He has secured several internal and external competitive research funds and developed a number of effective industry and university links to fund and support his research alternatively.

For more information on research opportunities (e.g. PhD studentship), engagement and collaboration, please feel free to contact him at:

Senior Lecturer

tel: +60 3 55146110
fax: +60 3 55146207
Room 2-4-25

Research website link : http://scholar.google.com.my/citations?user=xlTjv7IAAAAJ&hl=en

My goals in teaching are to ensure that students learn problem solving approaches. They learn to think logically and critically about the subject matter. They learn a holistic approach to impart contexts to global and multicultural perspectives. More importantly, I incorporates cutting-edge research into teaching and use the knowledge creatively and intuitively to discover and create new ideas.

My formal university teaching began in 2002 with the inception of my PhD studies. From 2002 to 2005, it was mostly tutoring and lab demonstrations for the undergraduates. Since 2007, I have been teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Communication Systems and Networks, Optoelectronics and Photonics, Electronics, and Control on a regular basis. As part of my NICTA duties, as well as the employment afterward, I taught three postgraduate courses in the University of Melbourne in several offers. Two of these courses were offered to the coursework Masters students, whereas the 3rd one, an Advanced Studies course, was offered to the research higher degree students. The Advanced Studies course was offered by adopting a student-centred learning approach that helped to develop learners’ autonomy and independence. Also, the curricula of these courses were developed to offer research-informed learning experience so that students learn about current and previous research activities in the respective subject areas. Since my inception with Monash in 2014, I have been teaching two 3rd year and 4th year undergraduate courses every year that cover all three key methods of instructions including classroom lecturing, lab demonstration and tutoring. Also these courses incorporate a significant component of problem-based and project-based learning where students actively explore real-world problems to acquire a deeper knowledge. My overall teaching responsibilities can be outlined as curriculum planning, course material development, classroom delivery, course coordination, assessment outlining, exam paper preparation and marking, and justification of final results. I also manage the presence of my course materials in open source learning platforms such as Moodle/ LMS to warrant flexible modes of delivery to cater students personalized learning preferences. The units I taught are:

> Advanced Topics in Communications (University of Melbourne)
> Lightwave Devices and Systems (University of Melbourne)
> Open Research Topic 2-EEE (University of Melbourne)
> Electronic Systems and Control (Monash University)
> Optical Communications and Networks (Monash University)

Research Appointments:
2014-current: Senior Fellow (adjunct), the University of Melbourne, Australia
2015: Visiting Scholar, Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand
2006-2012: Fellow (adjunct), the University of Melbourne, Australia

2013- Present: Member, Editorial Board, Journal on Advances in Optics
2012- 2015: Member, Editorial Board, The Scientific World Journal/Electronics
2011: Guest Editor, Springer’s Special Issue in Telecommunications Journal
2010- 2014: Member, Editorial Board, Journal on Recent Patents on Signal Processing

Organizer, Conferences:
2016: Member, Technical Program Committee (TPC), APCC’16 and APMC’16
2015: Member, TPC, ARiEET’15, APWiMob 2015, ComManTel2015, IEEE COMNETSAT’15, ATC’15 and IBP’15
2013: Member, TPC, APCC’2013
2011: Chair, TPC, Optical communication track, ATNAC’2011
2011: Member, TPC, SNPD’2011
2011: Session Chair, IEEE IPC’2011
2010: Co-Chair, TPC, Optical communication track, ATNAC’2010
2008: Member, TPC, IEEE MWP’2008
2007: Session Chair, COIN/ACOFT’2007
2006: Member, TPC, Aus.WorkshopMWP’2006

Scientific Reviewers:
IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology (JLT)
IEEE/OSA Journal of Optical Communications and Networking (JOCN)
IEEE Photonics Technology Letter (PTL)
IEEE Photonics Journal (PJ)
OSA Journal, Optics Express
OSA Journal, Optics Letter
Elsevier Journal, Optics Communications

Research Collaboration:
2014-current: The University of Melbourne, Australia
2015-current: Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand
2014-current: National ICT Australia Ltd (NICTA)
2014-current: Telecom Malaysia R&D, KL, Malaysia
2009-2013: Macquarie University, Sydney
2004-2010: Pharad LLC, USA
2005-2006: Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), Singapore

Research Commercialisation and Patents:
I was one of the 4 primary researchers of NICTA’s MAMI project that commercialised several research ideas in network performance monitoring via a start-up company in 2008. The R&D activities of the start-up have attracted a lot of media attention in 2008 to 2010 and were cited regularly by industry magazines, commercial chambers, and popular press. I also hold a provisional patent in the same R&D area.
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