Dr. Ajay Achath Mohanan

PhD, Monash University Malaysia (2016)
B.E (Hons.) in Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, Monash University Malaysia (2009)


tel: +60 3 55146252
fax: +60 3 55146207
Room 2-4-35

  • Ajay Achath Mohanan, R Parthiban and N Ramakrishnan, "Shadow mask assisted direct growth of ZnO nanowires as a sensing medium for surface acoustic wave devices using a thermal evaporation method", Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 2016
  • Tridib Saha, Ajay Achath Mohanan, Varghese Swamy, Ningqun Guo, N. Ramakrishnan, "An optimal thermal evaporation synthesis of c-axis oriented ZnO nanowires with excellent UV sensing and emission characteristics", Materials Research Bulletin, 2016
  • Ajay Achath Mohanan, R. Parthiban, N. Ramakrishnan, "Alignment nature of ZnO nanowires grown on polished and nanoscale etched lithium niobate surface through self-seeding thermal evaporation method", Materials Research Bulletin, 2015
  • Chu Yih Bing, Ajay Achath Mohanan, Tridib Saha, Ramakrishnan Nagasundara Ramanan, R. Parthiban, N. Ramakrishnan, "Microfabrication of surface acoustic wave device using UV LED photolithography technique", Microelectronic Engineering, 2014
  • Ajay Achath Mohanan, Md Shabiul Islam, Sawal Hamid Md Ali, R. Parthiban and N. Ramakrishnan, "Investigation into Mass Loading Sensitivity of Sezawa Wave Mode-Based Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors", Sensors, 2013
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