Dr. Vivi Anggraini

Ph.D (Geotechnical and Geological Engineering), Universiti Putra Malaysia
M.Eng (Geotechnical Engineering), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
B.Eng (Civil Engineering), Universitas Andalas, Indonesia

A PhD scholarship is currently available. Interested applicants with strong back ground in Geotechnical Engineering, good skills in computer, and proficiency in English (IELTS or TOEFL) may send their CV to my email address.


tel: +60 3 55159697
fax: +60 3 55146207
Room 5-4-52

Research website link : https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=ha0PGYYAAAAJ&hl=en
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  • Anggraini, V, Asadi, A, Farzadnia, N, Jahangirian ,H, Huat, B. B. K, "Reinforcement benefits of nano modified coir fiber in lime treated marine clay", Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering (ASCE), 2016
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